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From Nirgudi to Phaltan, Amol Rajaram Saste’s odyssey from a multinational pharmaceutical career to founding “Boston Tea Party Amruttulya” reflects an indomitable spirit. Transitioning through ventures in digital printing and mobile shops, Amol’s resilience remained steadfast. Embracing the ethos of the “Boston Tea Party Revolution,” he unveiled a unique tea blend. In 2019, the inaugural branch in Phaltan marked the genesis of a thriving legacy. Amol’s vision extends beyond tea; he aims to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs, nurturing innovation and ambition. With each sip, Amol’s journey enriches lives, leaving an enduring mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.


Amol Rajaram Saste completes BSc in Chemistry.

Works in a multinational pharmaceutical company but feels financially unsatisfied.


January 10th: Opens first branch of “Boston Tea Party Amruttulya” in Phaltan, marking the venture’s inception.


Expands “Boston Tea Party Amruttulya” with multiple branches.

Aims to mentor and encourage young entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and ambition.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Our USP lies in the artistry of our handmade teas, carefully curated to delight the senses and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Coupled with our unwavering dedication to building genuine connections with our customers, we stand apart as the epitome of premium tea experiences.


At Boston Tea, we are committed to crafting exceptional tea experiences that transcend boundaries. Our mission is to expand our reach across India, establishing 1000 branches as franchisees, each serving our signature handmade teas. We strive to cultivate unwavering customer loyalty by consistently delivering unparalleled quality, personalized service, and a sense of community in every cup.


To become India’s foremost purveyor of premium, handmade tea, embodying the rich heritage of Boston Tea, and to foster a culture of warmth and connection with every sip.


“Boston Tea Party Amruttulya” have developed successful Franchise module with intensive research and development.
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